Clipboard Project

Check out this clipboard I made using a new stack from Michael’s. I tried something a little different for this board. I used a plastic clipboard I got in a three pack at Sam’s Club. These clipboards are an odd size so a 12×12 sheet of paper is too small. You can not remove the clip at the top of the board so you have to work around it. And I learned this morning while trying to make a second one you must use thick card-stock and not paper or the mod podge will just soak the paper. All in all I think it turned out super cute, I just love that colors.
It’s hard to see in the picture but the lips are glittery on this paper. I was a little worried the mod podge would ruin the glitter affect but it didn’t.  I think it actually made it look better LOL
Thanks so much for checking out my project. I have you have a fantastic day 🙂