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Scientific Explorers Sci-Fi Slime Kit

POOF-SLINKY: Scientific Explorer: Sci-Fi Slime Kit. This exceptional series of home science kits is based on the nationally recognized Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) program pioneered at UC Berkley's Lawrence Hall of Science. Acclaimed for excellence as a teaching resource. Make heat sensitive color changing slime, glow in the dark slime and even magnetic slime. This package contains 1oz/28g sodium tetraborate, 0.25oz/7g zinc sulfide, 3oz/85g magnetite, 0.5oz/14g guar gum, 0.1oz/3ml thermochromic pigment, 2oz/59ml polyvinyl alcohol solution, 2oz/59ml glue solution, 0.07oz/1.9g red coloring, 0.07oz/1.9g yellow coloring, 0.07oz/1.9g blue coloring, one pipette, two stir sticks, and a science guide. Recommended for children ages 8 and up. Imported.
Manufacturer: Slinky
MPN: A224

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